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General info


See also www.linuxiskolen.no, www.skolelinux.no and www.skolelinux.de

We are developing a Custom Debian GNU/Linux distribution for schools. It will be simple to install and maintain, and will be based on local languages. In Norway's case, this means that all bundled applications will be available in Bokmål and Nynorsk.

Additionally, the most important applications will be available in Northern Sami. We will also make Sami letters available through the Unicode standard, and develop a sorting function according to the Sami alphabet.

We collaborate with:

Our Linux distribution

The distribution shall be small enough to run on older, less powerful school computers, and fit on one CD. (More ...)

We use Debian GNU Linux as basis for the distribution. ( More ...)

The installation will have four options (profiles):

Skolelinux beta release 2 was published in the fall of 2002. Work is still very much in progress!

If you have questions or wish to contribute, please join one of our mailinglists.

Channel: #skolelinux (IRCnet (irc.pvv.ntnu.no, irc.ifi.uio.no, irc.uib.no))

System Distribution and Configuration

System Distribution Coordinator:
Petter Reinholdtsen <pere @ hungry com>

The distribution is based on Debian GNU/Linux for Intel x86. The base distribution is based on woody and debian-installer. (More ...)

System software

About Linux in Schools

Om IKT i skolen


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